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Excavations & Drain Repairs

Sometimes blocked drains are a sign of a more serious problem. When we investigate, we can discover that the issue is actually with the drains and pipework. They deteriorate over time and when they do, they can wreak havoc.

Blocked drains can spell even bigger problems

Deteriorating drains can pose much larger problems than the inconvenience of sinks and toilets being out of action. They can lead to the pollution of the surrounding areas and water courses. And in these cases, the impact and the costs can be massive.

As well as fines and penalties from the Environmental Protection Agency, you’ll be responsible for the clean up of the polluted areas. And the reputational damage that an incident like this can cause for your brand and business is considerable.
So, when a problem is identified through inspection or a CCTV drain survey, it’s critical that it’s addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to keep disruption to your business, while the work is being completed, to an absolute minimum.

excavation drainage repair
Excavations & Drain Repairs

Our drain solutions offer:

  • Excavation works on site
    We carry out the site civil works and excavations required to access damaged areas of drains and systems – getting directly to the source of the problem.
  • Replacement and repair of drains
    Our expert team will replace and repair damaged drains and pipes to restore them to their original state.
  • An approved Klargester contractor
    We are an approved contractor for Klargester for the removal and installation of septic tanks and associated works.
  • Specialist industry know-how
    We have vast experience of working across a range of specialist industries, including; Oil & Petrol Refineries, Petrol Forecourts, Chemical & Manufacturing Plants and Food Processing.
  • Fast and effective solutions
    We know how important it is to address any issues with your drains as quickly as possible. Our team provide fast and effective solutions, while minimising disruption to your business.

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