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Waste Removal - Liquid and Solid

Waste Removal – Liquid and Solid

If you produce or store waste, it’s your responsibility to ensure it causes no harm or damage to the environment. And you have a responsibility that is known as your ‘duty of care’ with a number of acts of legislation governing how you deal with its removal and disposal.

Stay compliant and fulfil your duty

All current waste removal legislation must be observed at all times. Failure to comply can result in serious consequences and is a criminal offence. As a licenced waste removal carrier, we can help you with the removal and disposal of both liquid and solid waste.

One of the most difficult situations for our clients is dealing with the unexpected. For example, when there’s been a leakage/spillage on-site and they’re using spill kits to contain the waste.

We offer a rapid response and professional service to help you safely dispose of the waste as quickly as possible. And offer a full-service solution.
We can help with site clean-up using High Pressure Water Jetting, we can inspect all pipework with our CCTV Surveys and we can carry out any further excavations and repairs on site as needed.

Waste Removal - Liquid and Solid
Waste Removal - Liquid and Solid

Our Waste Removal services offer:

  • Solutions for all your waste needs
    We can help you with liquid and solid waste collection and removal, tank cleaning, emergency and spill response, septic tank emptying and bulk waste disposal.
  • Full compliance
    You can be sure that you are disposing of your waste in a responsible and legal manner, with relevant paperwork like a signed duty of care waste transfer note for moving waste.
  • Quick response
    We pride ourselves on our quick response to clients’ needs. In particular, our rapid response to emergency situations, where clients are dealing with unexpected leakages and spills.
  • Expertise you can trust
    Our teams are experienced in the handling and transport of hazardous materials and operate to the highest standards of safety.
  • Cost effective solutions
    We are committed to providing our clients with the best value for money – complete assurance and a top-quality service, at the lowest price possible.

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