CCTV Drain Surveys

Do you need your pipes checked? Maybe you have a drainage problem and need to identify the cause. Or you are looking for a proactive way to locate, map and check all drains. Either way, your first port of call should be a CCTV drain survey.

Why you need a complete view

Traditional methods of locating potential drainage issues were difficult, time consuming and costly. But now, we can use the latest CCTV camera technology. It allows us to easily and accurately inspect and assess the problems affecting drains – including the connectivity and condition of the drains.

If you aren’t totally sure of where your drainage problem is or what is causing your issue, you run the risk of incurring large unnecessary costs trying to fix it. And imagine the disruption on site of trying to access areas that may not even be the source of the problem?

Plus, if you are worried about any legal and environmental issues with leaks and contamination – the only effective way to be confident about your compliance is to get a complete overview of your system and its condition throughout.

Our CCTV Drain Surveys offer

Solutions for all your survey needs

We are experts in adoption surveys. And offer a full range of mapping services using a Sonde & Locator – confirming the location of all sewers and pipelines.

Quick and accurate information

You can get the most accurate and comprehensive picture of drains, manhole conditions, points of blockage or failures.

Cost-effective solutions

You can locate problem areas quickly, with minimal disruption to your business. And avoid unnecessary digging and excavations on site.

Detailed reports and recommendations

The findings will be presented in a written report and all recommendations will be fully explained. If required, this can be carried out in real time on site depending on the urgency.

Latest in CCTV camera technology

At Octane Draincare we use the latest CCTV camera technology and equipment to ensure you’ve access to the best and most robust information about your drainage systems.

Access to our expert team

Our team are highly experienced drainage specialists who are fully trained in CCTV technology as well as confined space entry using breathing apparatus.


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