Tank Cleaning

Are you looking for a specialist cleaning solution for tanks and vessels you have onsite? We offer unique solutions that are tailored to your specific needs – be it dealing with tanks that hold hazardous liquids or sensitive materials such as food.

Cleaning best left to the experts

Industrial cleaning is quite often high risk. Tanks can contain hazardous materials that if handled incorrectly can pose a safety risk on site. And even when the materials being handled are not sensitive, there can be severe health and safety concerns if there is any contamination – particularly in the case of food storage.

Our specialist tank and vessel cleaning services offer solutions for all types of industries. Before commencing any work, we assess the unique needs of your environment and develop a cost-effective solution to ensure that your job is completed the highest quality and safety standards.

We have all the specialist equipment required for above and below ground tank cleaning. And your Octane Draincare team are trained in handling hazardous materials and in confined space entry using breathing apparatus.

Our Tank Cleaning services offer

Solutions for all your industrial cleaning needs

We can provide above and below ground cleaning, from lagoons, sewage and industrial processing plants to specialist petrol, diesel & food tanks.

Quick and prompt service

We understand the time sensitive nature of many businesses. And the knock-on effect delays like refilling tanks can have. We offer a rapid and prompt service as standard.

A personalised solution

Each industry and each business is unique. We tailor our industrial cleaning solutions to best meet your needs – both quality and cost.

Expertise you can trust

Our team are experts in their field. They are all highly qualified and trained, with experience of working with a wide range of hazardous materials.

Safety assurance

We deal with hazardous and sensitive materials on a daily basis and operate to the highest standards of health and safety.


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